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What is UV MDF panel ?

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

UV board is a board whose surface is protected by UV treatment. UV paint is ultraviolet curing paint, also known as photoinitiated paint. The board is formed by applying UV paint on particleboard, density board and other boards, and then drying by UV light curing machine. Because of its easy processing, it can realize industrial production, bright color, abrasion resistance, strong chemical resistance, and long service life. It requires high mechanical equipment and process technology, and has the characteristics of resistance to moisture and deformation: the primer adopts a solvent-free 4E green high-grade paint, which is non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly; it has a high gloss antibacterial effect after curing, which is an ideal decoration Sheet.


UV board is a board whose surface is protected by UV treatment. UV paint is ultraviolet curing paint, also known as photoinitiated paint. Ordinary wood, calcium silicate board and other boards are formed by UV paint, and then dried by UV curing machine to form a stone board. It has bright surface treatment, bright color, strong visual impact, wear resistance, and strong chemical resistance. Long service life, no discoloration, easy cleaning, high cost, high requirements for mechanical equipment and process technology, it is an ideal board maintenance treatment process.


A: High surface smoothness: the mirror highlight effect is obvious.

B: The paint film is plump: the color is plump and attractive.

C: Environmental protection and health: Generally, the baking finish of the baking varnish type board is not good, and volatile substances (VOC) are constantly released. The UV board solves the environmental protection problem of the century. Not only does it contain no volatile substances such as benzene, but it is cured by ultraviolet light to form a dense cured film, which reduces the amount of substrate gas released.

D: No fading: Through comparative experiments, it is proved that UV decorative panels have better physical and chemical properties than traditional panels, ensuring that UV panels will not lose color for a long time, and solve the phenomenon of chromatic aberration.

E: Scratch resistance: the higher the hardness, the brighter it is, and it will not deform for a long time after curing at room temperature.

F: Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance: UV panels can resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali disinfectants. The reason for the formation of the above characteristics of the UV board is that the paint and ultraviolet rays chemically react to form a dense protective film. The distance between the molecules of this dense protective film is very small, which is smaller than water molecules and acetic acid molecules. It has the effects of waterproof and stain resistance. However, the white UV panel is easy to turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, and this problem cannot be solved in the industry.


Wide application range of UV board

Furniture category: panel furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, kitchen furniture

Desks and chairs: large class desks, student desks and chairs, desks, lecture tables, desks, conference tables, computer desks

Decoration category: interior decoration, interior murals, photo frames, art photos, landscape decoration paintings

Office categories: staff desks, computer cabinets, front desks, company indoor billboards

Sliding door categories: flat door panels, compartment panels 6. Other categories: exhibition hall furniture, shopping mall counter furniture, shopping mall partitions, handicrafts.






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