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In kitchen decoration, functionality and durability must be an important criterion as much as appearance. So, where should you start with? What should you pay attention to and how to plan? when decorating your kitchen. Before you plan your kitchen decoration, you should analyse your kitchen area well and divide it into sections. We can basically divide kitchen areas into 6 sections. Let's examine in detail what steps should be taken for each section.

Heart of Meal: Cooking Area & Kitchen Island

Designs that were parallel to the wall in a single row where you turned your back when cooking were preferred in almost all of old-style kitchens. However, today, kitchen types, called ''island kitchen" or "kitchen island", similar to American kitchen, where the counter-top is positioned in the kitchen and thus, provide more space for the person are preferred more as an alternative to the old-style kitchens. Providing extra storage, counter-top and table use and giving the kitchen its authentic look, the kitchen island will ensure you to obtain maximum efficiency from your kitchen areas. Islands of different sizes you can choose by the size of your kitchen can also be shaped by your intended use.

Kitchen islands can be used both for just cooking and as a table by placing chairs around. This allows for dining more people in a small area. If you are going to prefer a built-in kitchen, you can make a room for oven or other small appliances on the kitchen island and end the kitchen crowd. If your kitchen area is very narrow, you can build kitchen cupboards onto a single wall, keep your kitchen island wider, place kitchen utensils, facets and kitchenware, so you can create a stylish kitchen atmosphere. Make sure that there are few items as possible within this space and that you bring the existing utensils together to easily access them. In this sense, you can attach various kitchen utensils to the wall or to the ceiling with hangers. This way you can make them both easily accessible and compact.

Reflection of Inner Beauty on Outer Beauty: Kitchen Cupboards

One of the sections that will determine the style of your kitchen and accompany you most often during the time period you spend in the kitchen, kitchen cupboards must be one of the most points you must scrutinise the most when it comes to kitchen decoration. You must make sure that you have a final decision by considering your needs before you make your decision for kitchen cupboards, the renewal of which is both costly and difficult.

The most important criterion in choosing the colour of kitchen cupboards is the size of your kitchen area. For small areas, light colours can be preferred, but the colour scale can be extended and dark tones may be preferred for large kitchens. If you have a well-lighted kitchen, you can opt for dark-colour kitchen cupboards as long as the kitchen is not too small. If you have a low-lighted kitchen and want to choose darker colours, you can use kitchen panels with shiny and transparent textures. AGT High Gloss PanelPower Gloss Panel and Scratch-Proof Acrylic Panel series can offer you great solutions especially in this regard. The second important criterion is durability and sustainability. You should take care to ensure that the coatings of the kitchen cupboard of your choice are made from durable materials. MDF lamination is considered as the most successful kitchen cupboard material in this sense.

Floor and Lighting

Floorings that will have a large influence not only on your kitchen decoration, but also on your home decoration is another important decision step before kitchen decoration. When choosing floorings that offer a brand-new look that is almost revolutionary particularly for small or low-lighted kitchens, different features like durability, being not easy-to-wear, having a structure to prevent simple slippage and dirt and oil-repellent must be taken into account. Since they flourish the floors of many kitchens because they are affordable and practical, stylish and durable, laminated floorings are also among one of the most popular flooring varieties of today. Resistant to sunlight, household cleaning chemicals, heat, water, steam and stains, this flooring type is listed among the longest-lasting flooring materials. 

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