Out of the country, IDEAS Group plans the Middle East market

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16th , September, 2018, Brian Liu, the manager of IDEAS Group, with his team came back China together. After A month-long investigation, IDEAS Group decided to do more business in the Middle East.
In this visit, IDEAS Group has visited Africa and Asia.Finally, I decided to further cooperate with local enterprises in Asia and the Middle East.
IDEAS Group relies on customers accumulated in the past when attending exhibitions in the Middle East,we has decided to establish A branch in the local area to promote its business and go abroad to make standard and international products in the future.
It means IDEAS Group takes the first step to build globalization company. Bring high quality Chinese products to the world.



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Ideasfurnishing ,Ideal finishing. Founded in 1999, as an integrated home engineering supporting service provider positioning the Middle East market, Ideas has been committed to the RD and manufacturing of real estate decoration products, and provides integrated solutions for customers to meet the needs of real estate developers and contractors for high-quality building materials and home products and services.IDEAS relies on three domestic production bases and local service centers in Dubai and ...

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